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What is Wellness (Savvy)?


Wellness is actively pursuing better health. The quality of your health is rooted deep inside, on the cellular level. Developing the most effective wellness strategies and outcomes requires understanding some objective details about your present health from the inside out first, the external signs being a guide as to where to focus your attention.

In this post, I want to define why a fundamental wellness strategy is so important. When my patients understand why they are doing something, in a very objective way, they are much more compliant and able to commit to improving. I hope this supports you to make small consistent changes to improve your health and wellness over time.

The aging process, on a cellular level, begins in our twenties. Thinking about how stiffness progressively builds in your muscles over time is one example of that process. While that fact will remain, we can define the rate at which that process unfolds. The more effective action you take along your journey of life does make a difference to how long you live, as well as the quality of your years. Do you have joint pain or muscle pain today? How will it progress over time and how will it be limiting you in ten years? Will you have the energy to do what you want; will you be making sacrifices to pay for medications?

It is very difficult to think beyond your present experience, especially if you are young. With over 15 years of experience in private practice, I see the difference. I see the differences in actions individuals took over time beginning in their 40s, and they only become more obvious with each passing decade. There is always room for improvement, but there are limitations once certain thresholds have been passed. Some have a steeper hill to climb than others.

All consistent effort, with the right direction and intention, at any stage can improve the situation. I have been amazed by patients in their 60s and 70s committing to improving their bodies as much as possible. They may not be able to undo some of the damage that had occurred, but they sure can put the brakes on progression. They can also get stronger and build more independence. The sentiment at a certain age you should just expect a certain level of pain, weakness, and illness is excessively exaggerated.


Certain experiences are common, but that does not mean they are normal. Those expressions develop as ways for individuals to accept and make sense of their experiences. These experiences however have not been guided properly with all that we know today. Objective, specific information is being researched and understood exponentially faster over time. Yet, industries cannot keep up. Much of that knowledge fails to be organized and delivered to you in a usable way because while the healthcare system manages disease, it is not designed to help you maximize your wellness.

Movement is life and your quality of movement impacts your quality of life for a few specific reasons. I’ll bullet-point them and summarize them to avoid overwhelming you. There is a cellular, metabolic basis to illness prevention and management that is strongly influenced by the amount of muscle mass that you have. I’ll spare you those heavy reading details in this article.

What I do want you to understand is that the greater variety and available movement you are capable of keep your joints healthier and provide a better foundation to build quality muscle mass, efficiently.

Greater muscle mass + healthier joints = independence

Maintaining independence means being able to do the things that you love. It means maintaining a sense of purpose and your ability to socialize, both of which strongly influence longevity. Most can appreciate that being strong enough to get yourself around without help will help you live better years, but what is the relationship to wellness on the cellular level?

The law of conservation of energy (also known as the law of thermodynamics) states that energy can only be transferred or transformed.

Are you transferring energy in your body to encourage cellular reactions that your body needs to function properly? Or are you storing energy unnecessarily and indirectly causing decreased cellular functions? This is a complex topic, and I am oversimplifying it. But it directly relates to why having more muscle mass keeps you healthier, why a calorie is not just a calorie, and how exercise helps you feel energized.

I am developing WellnesSavvy to offer you something better than is being offered today. I want to show you have to improve your quality of movement effectively and efficiently through deliberate actions, helping you build better muscle mass in the exercise you are already doing. I will be educating you to ask better questions, so you get better answers. I want to help you understand what aspects of your health and wellness are limiting you and what is the best (and least overwhelming) way to approach improving them. I want to empower you to make consistent and ever-evolving health-building choices.

I want people to feel better 10 years from now than they do today. That takes understanding all aspects of health, understanding the layers that need attention, and having practical, efficient recipes for improvement. But that can’t be done without you understanding why. 

I’m tired of how mismanaged individuals are when they are reaching out the healthcare providers for help and are left to their own research looking for answers. I’m tired of seeing wellness being sold in fragmented isolated single-solution pieces, promising to build the whole puzzle.

While exhausting at times, I see the big picture of just how much we have learned and how much is available. But how do you know what you need? It can be as disorganized and (un)usable as all those exercise and health tips you’ve saved on Instagram, but never look at.

Why WellnesSavvy-2

My goal in WellnesSavvy is to provide you with programs and strategies for all categories of health and wellness. More importantly, I want to educate you and empower you to make the best decisions for yourself. I want you to learn how to understand your body and health on a cellular level, in a way that makes sense for you.

Over time I want you to learn what aspects are foundational and a priority, how to effectively apply the change for a ripple effect of improvement, and where your resources are best focused for progress. I want to help you continually move toward a better space.

The journey toward wellness is an ever-evolving state. Many people don’t actually know how good they can feel because they’ve never really felt that good. Our bodies are amazing and can accomplish amazing things with the right focused attention. Feeling better and doing more at age 52 than you did at age 42, and better at age 68 than you did at age 58 is possible. I know it’s possible because it’s my patients who have proven it to me.

So, I welcome you to check out WellnesSavvy, try a few of the videos I offer for free, and see how they could help you. My goal is to help as many people as possible, as much as possible. I hope to have the opportunity to educate you and guide you consistently over time to reach your goals.

Be Well | Be Savvy

Dr. Ellen McNally

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